Spring has sprung, and in some places, recoiled. As the vestiges of Winter make their final lap, people are getting antsy to get out into the sunshine to let their pale skin soak up vitamin D like pouring a glass of water out on desert sand. Although there maybe be some residual chill about, planning for a camping vacation now, allows for triage relaxation trips on the fly later. Preparing for a camping trip does not have to be an involved process. In fact, you could place a single order on Amazon and be ready to head out in less than 24 hours. From budget camping to glamping, outdoor activities are going to be the name of the game this year. So look at the 7-day forecast while topping off your camping supplies, and getting ready for a restorative Spring and Summer.

Go Camping for Under 100 Dollars

In just one Amazon order you can go from camping novice to pro without breaking the bank. This shortlist of just the essential items will help get you up and out the door. So during times when the Wednesday hump seems insurmountable, fast shipping will allow for a rapid recharge in the out of doors.

Wakeman 2 Person Tent -  A tent is a tent is a tent, and that is not an excuse. Wakeman has pulled off one of the most affordable tents on the market, and it comes in many cool colors to boot. Further, this tent has no problem fitting a Queen sized air mattress and is known to stand up to gusty wind like the best of them.

Favorland Sleeping Bag - The low price of this super-soft microfiber-lined sleeping bag is pretty much unbelievable. Additionally, it comes in many different sizes and colors. Protip: bring a few throw blankets from home to layer over, or under, the sleeping bag and to drape over shoulders around the fire.

YSXHW Thick Sleeping Pad - If you or a friend doesn’t already own an air mattress, a few of these cheap sleeping pads will do the trick.

Coleman Cooler - It’s always nice when quality name-brand items are also the most affordable. Pair this cooler with a cast iron pan or even just some metal skewers and food prep will be taken care of. There’s nothing like cooking over an open fire.

Solid Gear Options and Glamping Substitutes

KAZOO 2-4 Person Tent with Porch - The budget tents are perfect for all your tenting needs, but if you spend just a bit more money, the options increase. A good example is an increase in capacity and options with a very thin increase in price. Like this tent from Kazoo that sleeps more people comfortably and also has a covered porch to help keep the great outdoors, outdoors.

Glamp Option: Danchel Yurt Tent - This is basically a yurt that is portable and is also equipped for a tent stove! It’s already sized perfectly for a campground, but imagine setting this durable tent up overlooking a vast valley of green studded with craggy stone. Spend the day hunting or just going on an epic hike, and come back to a tent warmed by a GBU Tent Stove that you cook an amazing carbonara over…. Yeah, it’s that kind of tent.

Coleman Gas Stove - Cooking over a fire is fun and should always be a part of camping with or without an additional stovetop. Fire pits are perfect for grilling meat, corn, and making smores and sausages. While a stove puts ease into boiling water for hot coco and coffee and even pasta for a killer pasta salad to go with the steaks and burgers. Further, having a stove allows for a quick and easy breakfast that doesn’t interfere with daily activities. Once back from a long day of hiking, swimming, or hunting, the evenings can be set aside for more casual meal-prep that includes both the fire pit and the stove. Don’t forget the classic camping coffee pot.

Glamp Option: Camp Chef Two Burner - This stove is for the real foodie in the family. Each burner has 30,000 BTUs which will not only cook every classic camping food available but, paired with a legit carbon steel wok kit or a classic cooking kit, will make people think your campsite is a fancy pop-up restaurant.

Coleman Camping Chairs - Having some solid camping chairs for around the fire is often overlooked. And once again, Coleman is coming through with perfect, comfortable, fold-up camping chairs featuring a 4-can cooling pouch and beverage holder.

Glamping Option: Alpha Camp Oversized Padded Camping Chair- These giant comfy chairs are basically the most comfortable camping chairs on the market. They are so cozy that it will probably be a good idea to keep these out on the patio even once you get back home.

Glamping Extra Credit

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker - AeroPress has been a long-time companion of travelers who love a good cup of coffee. The new immersion technology allows for high-quality coffee and espresso to be made virtually everywhere. Protip: combine some espresso with ice cream from the Ice Cream Ball for some top-notch affogatos. Don't forget the coffee bean grinder.

Garlands - It’s pretty simple, these cool vintage fabric garlands will bring the ambiance of any campsite to the next level, (and they are cheap).

Hanging Tent Fan and Light - So you have your stove heated yurt-tent, but what happens if it gets a little too hot in there? Simple, turn on this little fan-light combo to move the warm air out or around.

Get Out There

Camping does not have to be an expensive outing. With one simple order, you can get everything you need to just glide right out the door and into the beauty of nature. Or, if you want to do it up, there are many options to bring camping trips to the next level. Try planning ahead with a big group of people and reserving a bunch of campsites that are side by side, or head out solo and get some refreshing alone time. Either way, the time is now to top off the camping supplies from last season, and bring new energy into the rest of Spring and on into Summer.